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Reboot is an SEO agency built on experimentation.
We combine data-driven insights and creativity to deliver unparalleled results.

To see real success in today's competitive search landscape, everything on your website needs to line up perfectly and work in tandem.

Like a key in a lock barrel, every aspect of your site needs to be as good as it possibly can be. Put simply, you need to choose an SEO company capable of perfecting every part of your on-site and off-site strategy.

Our diverse team consists of over 30 experts in every area of digital marketing - from SEO and digital PR to content marketing, web development and graphic design.

We collaborate across teams, speak directly with our clients and NEVER outsource our SEO services to ensure that every aspect of your website is positioned and ready to rank.
SEO services we specialise in:
We Disrupt SEO Myths, Beliefs & Opinions.
Our SEO experiments have disrupted commonly held myths, beliefs and opinions in the SEO industry time and time again.

With over 8000 hours invested in technical SEO experimentation, 644,791 readers and more than 1000 SEO publications referring to our findings, we are constantly challenging the ways that people think about search.

Other SEO companies look to us for insights into the inner workings of Google’s algorithm.
This is what some of the biggest names in the industry have had to say about our experiments:
"They (RebootOnline) performed some wonderful, large-scale, long-term tests of CSS, of text area, of visible text, and of JavaScript hiding across many domains over a long period and basically proved to us that what Google says is in fact true, that they are treating this text behind here with less weight."
Rand Fishkin
"And this isn’t just a theory. The folks at Reboot Online ran an experiment to see if external links helped improve rankings."
"Whoa - should be shared 1000x. Can cheap hosting w/ low-quality, spammy "bad neighborhoods" actually impact Google rankings? "Long Term Shared Hosting Experiment" - Surprising new study+data from @rebootonline."
Why Reboot as Your SEO Company?
Our experience taking brands from zero online visibility to ranking for keywords searched hundreds of thousands of times each month means that we are perfectly placed to help your business.

We work with brands that are hungry for success. Whether you operate a small local site in a competitive industry, or a leading ecommerce store stocking thousands of products, our strategies are geared towards delivering you the best return-on-investment (ROI) possible.
What We Can Do For Your Business
We stay well away from the traditional packages offered by any other SEO agency because we know that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to SEO.

Our range of SEO services are versatile, adaptable and flexible to position your brand as an expert in your industry and improve your rankings.
SEO services we specialise in:
Technical SEO Audits
Technical SEO is something that we excel at. Our data-driven experiments and widely shared industry SEO audits are a testament to that.
Not only does technical SEO form the foundation of any good SEO strategy, but without it, Google won’t even be able to find your website to begin with.
Content Marketing
Creating the highest-quality content is essential when it comes to increasing organic traffic. We create content that ranks, earns links and offers value to users.
Our blend of data analysis, keyword research, content marketing and design experts allows us to create content clusters and strategies that establish your brand as the trusted source of information in your industry.
Learn more about our content marketing services.
Page Speed Optimisation
We specialised in performance and page speed optimisation long before searchers switched to mobiles and Google announced core web vitals as a ranking factor.
Our team of speed optimisation experts look at your site from every angle, deconstructing every line of code in the process, to deliver measurable and efficient speed and performance upgrades.
Keyword and Intent Analysis
Over the years we have studied searcher behaviour extensively which allows us to put ourselves in the shoes of those searching for your main keywords and glean insights into what Google needs to fully satisfy that search intent.
Through a mix of inhouse and external tools, a clever analytical view and years of experience, we find golden nugget keywords that you will otherwise overlook. This keyword analysis means we will deliver the highest ROI possible.
Penalty Recovery
We have helped over 60 clients over the years recover from Google penalties and restore their SEO visibility - from historic lows to never seen before highs.
If your previous SEO company has used aggressive black hat SEO strategies which have caused your rankings to plummet, our penalty recovery service will get your website and business back on track.
Ecommerce SEO
Thin or duplicate content, broken meta tags, inconsistent canonicalisation and poor link profiles - these are all common SEO issues that we have found holding the performance of thousands of ecommerce websites back.
Our ecommerce SEO services help online shops eliminate technical SEO issues that throttle their performance and kill their rankings.
Local SEO
Dominating your local area in the search results is a sure fire way to grow your business and, with all the businesses in your location competing for the top spot, competition can be tough.
We have ranked top for ‘London SEO’ for years and know exactly what it takes to rank in even the most competitive industries and locations. Our local SEO services position you as the leader in your location and your industry.
Our SEO Agency Process:
Over the years we have developed an eye for impact and our SEO process focuses on finding the areas of your website where improvements will yield the best results.
Every website is different and the path to ranking number 1 is never the same. We adapt our process to your website and look at every factor below to find what is going to make the biggest impact on your bottom line.
Technical Foundations
The best SEO strategy in the world will only work if Google can find, crawl and index your website and its content to begin with.

Using experience and insights gained from our years in the industry and constant SEO testing, we start with a technical audit that encompasses everything from your sites speed and performance to the links you have pointing at it.
Keyword & Intent Research
Next, we breakdown the keyword targeting strategy behind your website and your top competitors websites to identify missed opportunities, issues and inefficiencies.

Armed with this data and knowledge, we tie the strategy together to ensure that every page on your site is working for you and your continued organic growth.
Relevant Content Creation
If your content isn’t relevant, it isn’t ranking. Our content marketing specialists work with you and your team throughout your SEO campaign to turn your site into a leading source of expert industry related content and information. This allows us to exponentially increase your organic traffic, links earned, enquiries and sales.
Building Authority & Trust
Turning your website into a hub of relevant information covering commercial, transactional, navigational and informational intent isn’t where we stop. This just lays the foundation for what is to come.

Whilst we are taking your website to the next level, we also start growing your online reputation, authority and trust with digital PR campaigns that demand attention.

In an industry first, we created a page dedicated to showcasing the latest links and coverage that we have earned for our clients.
We have been with Reboot for a good few years now and really happy with their SEO work for our business. They are a very friendly and helpful team, nothing is too much trouble. Reboot also host our website and have recently updated it for us, it looks excellent. We highly recommend them
Eva James 2 years ago
What an amazing company. We have been using Reboot for over 4 years and their SEO expertise is second to none. Our site looked great but we were never getting ranked with Google. After signing up these guys we have seen our positions fly and revenues increase. All i can say is its well worth the investment. Well done Reboot.
Charles Bloom 3 years ago
Simply the best! If an SEO company cannot put themselves top of the search engines how on earth are they going to put you there? Check out where Naomi and her team are for the term "seo company" and you will see they fluctuate between position 1 and 2 in a very competitive market. Is that not where you would like to be? We are Golf Support, see what this team have done with terms like "golf sale" for our business, page 1 position 1. Search no more you have found the best.
John Lines 5 years ago
We have been working with Reboot Online SEO Since February this Year on a new website with no prior SEO, Went to their office in Elstree and had a meeting with Shai and Naomi and explained what I was trying to achieve, They had a great understanding of SEO and were extremely passionate about SEO. I knew at that moment I wanted to come on board, Great company to work with, Detailed Monthly Progress Reports, Steady Organic Growth since February, I would highly recommend these guys who certainly know what they are doing.
The Bed Slats Company 2 years ago
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